4 Great Social Share Plugins for WordPress

If you have a blog/website, you already know that you need to integrate Social Sharing into your site, to make sharing your content across social networks as easy and seamless as possible.  You probably also know that there are tons of options available and may even be a bit overwhelmed with the notion of having to choose, how to install etc.


Here are 4 of my favorite Social Share Plugins:

  • Sexy Bookmarks/Sharaholic: Allows you to choose from over 50 social bookmarking sites, to include an icon that your readers can use to share your content. Icons can appear above, below or in both places, after every post. You can find this plugin in the WP Plugin directory and download it from within your dashboard.
  • Smart Share: Places the links to Social Sharing to the left or right of your posts. Additionally, it inserts icons at the bottom of each post. This plugin is available only after you provide your email address to the developer at WP Beginner. You can see it in action at the left of this post.
  • Social Share: Add various social share buttons to your site, with some customization. Also add Facebook activity feed to your site. Available in the WP Plugin directory so it can be installed from your dashboard.
  • Tweet, Like, Google +1 and Share: One of my favorites (you can see it at the end of this post), this plugin allows you to incorporate the recently introduced Google +1 and Facebook Send links. It also includes an option to control the load time of your site, since adding plugins can sometimes increase load time to your site. You can download this great plugin from your dashboard, since it is listed in the Plugins Directory

Remember that including Social Share Plugins on your site is completely optional but, if you want to make it as easy as possible for your content to go viral, then you will want to find the ones that will meet your needs, and make sure that you include at least one.  When choosing, be sure to research the plugin to learn what the features are and, do some research to see if there are any complaints about the plugin, as it relates to your particular theme.

If you are not already familiar with installing plugins, here is a great tutorial.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

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