Are Your Struggling With Building Your Subscriber List?


Many bloggers I know have one thing in common - they have all struggled at some point to build a subscriber list. Even more interesting is that many of them, if they are honest, for a long time did not even know what a subscribe list building meant, not to mention, how to build one. This is true for bloggers in all kinds of niches and industries; from all walks of life, beginners and pros alike. If you have been creating content on the internet for a while, you might remember how easy it was back in the day when you could add "Subscribe now" or "Free Newsletter" on any website and build a … [Read more...]

Why Bloggers Never Make Money


The 2009 Technorati State of the Blogosphere report found that while "more bloggers than ever are making money from blogs, they are not the majority". With the proliferation of bloggers over the last few years, why is it that many still fail to make money from their blogs? Everyone will, no doubt, agree that it is certainly not for a lack of information purporting to teach you how to make money blogging as there is literally tons of free and paid sources available on the internet. Many "experts" offer a variety of reasons why most blogs don't make money and I have compiled the 10 … [Read more...]

Boost Subscribers with Subscribers Magnet Plugin


Subscribers Magnet is a wordpress plugin to help build your email list by using technology in an unconventional and unique way. It’s unobtrusive and highly impactful. Watch this video to see it in action. Here's what I think about it and why I think you SHOULD or SHOULD NOT buy it! For me, the most exciting part about this little plugin is that the plugin works with 1Shopping Cart, and  AWeber,  and all the other major autoresponders out there. Second, you can fully customize the forms as this plugin gives you control over the look, feel, location and functionality. Third, … [Read more...]

How you can benefit from Blogging

Blogging For Cash

If you already have a web site, having a blog can enhance, your existing web presence. The ability to provide your customers, and readers, with fresh content on a daily, or weekly basis can keep your business running even during lean months. Blogging is also a great way for small business owners, with little web design knowledge, and small budgets to establish a professional, attractive, web presence. Many designers charge much less for a completely customized blog design and installation than they would charge for complete, traditional, html or flash website design. When blogging … [Read more...]

Exploring WordPress

WordPress Logo

The world of the Internet is constantly evolving: from its terminology to its software. The Internet is changing the way we communicate, opening a whole new world of social media. Blogging is one such constantly evolving method of communication, and WordPress is one of the foremost platforms for people wanting to get into the blogging action. … [Read more...]

Using WordPress For Business

More and more, small businesses are feeling pressured to enhance their online presence and are challenged to do so, with limited resources. Great news! There is an application that will get you there and at minimal cost, with great results. As she points out in this presentation to Wordcamp 2009, Wordpress is proving to be an ideal application for many small businesses. Your Wordpress Diva recognizes that many of you prefer to outsource these tasks and is available to help. So, take a listen and contact us with any questions etc. … [Read more...]