Creating Sales Letters Using WP Themes

If you are doing business online, chances are you have heard about “squeeze”, “landing” and “sales” pages.

If you have connected with an online entrepreneur, chances are you probably landed on one of the pages mentioned above, promoting that person’s program, ebook etc. You know the ones, they nearly always have a button that looks something like the image at left.

The reason you see so many squeeze and sales pages with a similar design and content layout, is because they work! Period!

If you have a WordPress blog/site, I bet you’re wondering just how you can create effective sales, squeeze and landing pages from within your site or blog.

Although you could just as easily create a squeeze or landing page using basic HTML in an editor like Dreamweaver,  why bother when there are so many resources available to save you time and, possibly having to engage the services of a web designer, if you don’t have the skills yourself.

I’ve done some research to find available themes and templates to help you get started:

Here’s to your success in growing your lists and increasing your sales!

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Did you know that there are thousands of THEMES for WordPress? So, what is the best theme for your WP blog or site?

[Post Update] This question is answered here: 10 Steps To Selecting A WordPress Theme - Part 1

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