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Why install WordPress? If you are tired of having to wait around on a highly paid webmaster to carry out minor changes to your website or blog, installing this platform will give you the ability to make most if not all changes to your blog yourself, within minutes. This powerful content management system was designed with ease in mind and the unlimited plugins that are available, make managing and working with your WP platform extremely easy and quick. (You can learn how to add plugins to your WP  installation here).

Before you get started, if you have not already secured you own domain name and hosting account, please take a look at my post on selecting and hosting your domain. Once you have registered  your domain and secured your web hosting account, you will be ready to install WP.

So you’ve acquired your domain name and hosting account, now what? Before you begin your installation, you will need to decide if you intend to use it as your main website or if you want to have a separate website and a separate blog. This will dictate where you install the application on your web hosting account.

This step-by-step tutorial is for a self hosted site which works with instead of the free platform,  The main difference between the two is that the free platform hosts your blog for you and your domain name will appear like this:; while the other supports self  hosting of your  blog or website and will display your own domain name – While both are free of charge, one requires you to purchase a domain name and web hosting account.  Not to worry, with the great rates available for these services, your investment for a self hosted WP blog or website will be minimal. More importantly, choosing this options will give you complete control over your site.

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Are you ready to being adding pages to your WordPress blog/site?

[Post Update] This question is answered here: 10 Steps To Selecting A WordPress Theme - Part 1

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